>~~~> I was in the group that organized and commissioned the original VP93 in January 1942 in Norfolk. We made four trips to SanDiego to pick up the 12 PBYs and after organizing in Norfolk, the squadron was transferred to Quonset Point RI. Later 6 of the aircraft went to Argentia NF and 6 to Bluie West Three in Greenland. It was VP94 that went to Recife Brazil. VP93 participated in rescue of a group of Army pilots who were ferrying P-38s to Russia, but had to land on the icecap in central Greenland. We flew supplies to them, later flew a couple dog teams in to haul the crews to the coast where a Canadian Coast Guard cutter picked them up. You haven't lived until you've spent four hours in a PBY with two dog teams in full cry. VP93 flew long ASW flights out of Greenland, convoy coverage, and also flew mail and supplies to Bluie West Eight and Bluie East, traveling over the ice cap from west to east and down the coast to Bluie West Three, the home base. Our longest flight was 33 hours long, searching the North Atlantic for lifeboats that had been reported out there. My ears were ringing for two days after that one.

LCDR Henry B. Poole USNR(Ret.)

Londonderry NH


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