16MR18 All P-3's Assigned To VP-93
P3AssignVP93x.Excel Date
LH Assign End
Type BuNo Side# to VP-93 Built Type Scrapped              Disposition/Notes
P-3A 150504 3 31AU76 5DE62 UP-3A Yes  
P-3A 150515 6/1 20MY76 29AP63 UP-3A Yes  
P-3A 150516 2 20AU76 10MY63     In Spanish Museum, Cuatro Spain
P-3A 150517 ? ??? 21MY63   Yes Ran off runway Moffett Field, CA 27AP95
P-3A 150518 8/11 11JA78 12JN63 UP-3A   To Chilean Navy
P-3A 150519 6/5 16NO76 21JN65 UP-3A   AMARG
P-3A 150520 ?? JL79 3JL63 RP-3A Yes Obtained Parts prior to Scrapping at Western Aero Space Museum Oakland, CA
P-3A 150521 5 MY79 24JL63 NP-3C   VX-30 "Billboard", EATS (Extende Area Tracking System)
P-3A 150524 ? 30AP80 22AU63 NP-3D   Ended as 'Wind Machine' at China Lake Weapons Test Center
P-3A 150529 ? 3SE80 3OC63 EP-3A Spare Parts To VQ-2/VXN-8. Ended as Fire Bomber Spare Parts 
P-3A 150608 2/14 6FE81 20NO63     AMARG
P-3A 151353 ? ??? 24JA64 UP-3A   AMARG
P-3A 151354 7 14SE77 7FE64   Yes Ran off runway at Selfridge ANGB 13AP82. 1st aircraft to Chilean Navy
P-3A 151374 9/14 21FE78 17JL64     at NAS Jacksonville display in CPW-11 markings
P-3A 151385 4 20NO76 15SE64     at Aero Union, 'Aerostar' Mod
P-3A 151388 6 OC78 1OC64   Yes  
P-3A 151389 1 OC77 12OC64   Spare Parts To Greece, Helenic Air Force at Tanagra AB as parts acft
P-3A 151391 ? ??? 21OC64     at Aero Union, 'Aerostar' Mod
P-3A 151393 ? ??? 17NO64   Yes  
P-3A 151395 10 29SE79 1DE64   Yes To Greenville, SC.  at DHS/CHP, 'slick' Mod
P-3A 151396 3 22MR78 4DE64   Yes  
P-3A 152154 ? ??? 24MR65     AMARG
P-3B LW 152719 10/9 3FE82 10DE65 EP-3J   To VQ-11. Now AMARG
P-3B LW 152721 4 17OC81 3JA66 P-3CK   ROKN. First aircraft for Korea SE07
P-3B LW 152723 5 JN82 17JA66 P-3CK   ROKN with Sqdn 61AG; at Korean Aerospace Industries
P-3B LW 152734 11/3 6AU81 11AP66     AMARG
P-3B LW 152748 2/93 JL91 22JL66     SELFRIDGE ANGB MUSEUM AS 'LH-93' AU94
P-3B LW 152760 3 26FE83 8NO66   Spare Parts RAAF EDINBURGH as parts acft
P-3B LW 153415 6 16DE81 11JA67     To Greece Helenic Air Force; ex "IPADS" Prototype
P-3B LW 153419 1 16DE81 6FE67     To Argentine Navy, EA6E
P-3B LW 153422 ? JL91 10MR67 P-3CK   ROKN with Sqdn 61AG; at Korean Aerospace Industries
P-3B LW 153426 11 AU89 18MR67     AMARG. Mid-air with USCG C-130 over Midway, Lost 8ft Wing 12DE71
P-3B LW 153431 3 AU92 16MY67     To Greenville, SC.  at DHS/CHP, 'slick' Mod
P-3B LW 153432 12/2 12FE82 24MY67     P-3C UIII  mod to  P-3B. AMARG Hold for DHS/CBP
P-3B LW 153436 ? JL91 30JN67     AMARG Hold for DHS/CBP
P-3B LW 153437 7 26JA82 7JL67     AMARG, FL
P-3B HW 153446 5 JA94 5SE67 AEW&C   DHS - CBP
P-3B HW 153452 6 JL91 17OC67 AEW&C   First DHS/CBP P-3 with new wings
P-3B HW 154577 2 15DE81 15MR68   Yes Was VPU-1 "Iron Clad" "Specially Equipped Aircraft"
P-3B HW 154602 ? AU93 18DE68     AMARG; Hold for Pakistan
Abbreviations             Bases  
AMARG - 309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group             KMTC - NAF Detroit, MI  
HAF - Greece; Helenic Air Force             KNHZ - NAS South Weymouth, MA  
LW-Light Weight; 127,500 Gross Weight             KNXX - NAS Jacksonville, FL  
HW - Heavy Weight; 135,000 Gross Weight             TXKF - NAS Bermuda  
CDU - Counter Drug /upgrade; APG-66 Fire control RADAR & AN/AX1 Cluster Ranger EOS             LPLA - Lajes Field, Azores  
UD - Update             LERT - NAS Rota, Spain  
BMUP - Block Modifaction Upgrade Program             KNQX - NAS Key West, FL  
AIP - Anti-surface Upgrade Program             LICZ - NAS Sigonella, Sicily  
DHS - Department of Homeland Security             KNHK - NAX Patuxent River, MD  
CHP - Customs and Border Patrol             KNPA - NAS Pensacola, FL  
ROKN - Republic of Korea Navy, Sqdn 61AG             BGTL - Thule AB, Greenland  
RAAF - Royal Australian Air Force, 292 Sqdn             TJNR - NAS Roosevelt Roads, PR  
              PHNA - NAS Barbers Point, HI  
              KNUQ - NAS Moffett Field, CA  
              KNUW - NAS Whidbey Island, WA  
              BIKF - NAS Keflavik, Iceland