Caryl                                                                                                18MY15


I wanted to share with the VP-93 Alumni Association about our very successful, May 16 LH02 Work Party. Under warm weather, with some light rain, 28 enthusiastic volunteers cleaned and made some MAJOR enhancements to LH02. Accomplishments were;


Cleaned the props.


Cleaned and Amour All’d the tires.


Vacuumed the inside of the aircraft.


Pulled down the Tactical Station Plexiglas, cleaned the Plexiglas.


Cleaned all  Station Equipment and windows.


Re-installed all the Maintenance Pubs returned from Pensacola Naval Air Museum (they requested them to be scanned for their library). We also updated the Pub Index with correct names, numbers and published dates.


The big news -- We were able to obtain many parts for LH02 from a Customs Border Patrol P-3B that is being rehab’d. Former VP-93er CDR NAV Jay Daly worked for a year to get the part exchange to happen, with Pensacola Liaison support from Skipper Rundell. As a result we replaced or added parts to the Flight Station, SS3, TACCO, SS1/2 Stations as well as some exterior panels/parts (we now have 2 windshield wipers, Fuel Drain Mast, Fuel gages for the refueling panel and replaced the corroded aft underside access panel). Because of the significant bureaucratic paper trail that took place we tagged all parts, made an inventory list and checked it twice for where these parts were going. To further document this we took pictures of all removed parts. Bob Hudson now has a secure location in an out building. Parts that we no longer need for LH02 are now stored there. Parts that we will want for LH02, if not installed, were tagged and stored in LH02. We also updated our LH02 Missing Parts List.


We also accomplished a long term goal of creating a ‘general’ list of the contents stored in LH02’s Electronic Bays. Any parts not needed for LH02 were also removed, tagged, photographed, inventoried and stored in the out building. 


Of course the high light of any work party (and after work party) is the lunch, with refreshments, coordinated by Cindy MacKool (with help, of course). Of note, Cindy’s German Potato Salad disappeared in a hurry.


Participants were;

Belknap, Scott

Gotelaera, Paul

Martin, Kelly

Booker, Caryl

Harshfield, Skipper

Martzolff, Randy

Booth, Bob

Hayes, Tom

Park, Bob

Burgess, Jan

Hudson, Bob

Perry, Jim

Campbell, Skipper

Kempf, Pete

Potochnik, Capt

Church, Bob

Kerr, Captain (sel)

Rundell, Skipper

Driscoll, Booby

Lach, Jerry

Valdez, Tom

Fansler, Ron

Lundgren, Frank

VanSimaeys, Joe

Gorman, Jeff

MacKool, Cindy

Wilkie, Len



Zanetti, NAV


A great time was had by all. Not only did we get LH02 all cleaned up, with major enhancements, we had fun getting together once more.


Thanks to all for their effort.


LH02 Maintenance Coordinator

Jerry Lach