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I wanted to share with the VP-93 Alumni Association about our successful, June 10th LH02 Work Party/Aircraft Wash. Under hot weather 25 enthusiastic volunteers washed LH02’s exterior. As you can image washing something as large as LH02 was an All Hands’ effort. Four Teams, using hoses, Simple Green Soap and allot of scrubbing left LH02 squeaky clean. Now her exterior looks as good as her interior. In addition, we added some ‘wings’ to the P-3 picture opposite the Main Cabin door and took inventory of the tent items that will be used for the Cindy Open/Picnic. The Cindy Open/Picnic is scheduled for Saturday August 5. Make sure it is on your calendar.


Of course, the high light of any work party (and after work party) is the lunch, with refreshments, coordinated by our Social Director, Cindy MacKool, with much help by Pat Booth an Moe Wilkie. Pete Kempf did a great job grilling the hamburgers/hot dogs. As usual, Cindy’s German Potato Salad disappeared in a hurry.


Of special note, we had a pleasant surprise with a visit by Master Chief Tom Kaiser III and Joan. It was great to see he is doing so well.


Participants and group picture attached were;



LH02 Work Party

Bellamy, Ed

Hudson, Bob

Paull, Bob

Booker, Caryl

John Reid

Petrus, Mike

Booth, Bob & Pat

Kaiser, Thomas III & Joan

Potochnik, Captain

Campbell, Skipper

Kempf, Pete


Comstock, Chuck

Lach, Jerry

VanSimaeys, Joe

Driscoll, Bobby

MacKool, Cindy

Weisend, Chuck & son Luke

Evans, Rich & Kyle

Mikla, Bill

Wilkie, Len

Gorman, Jeff

Mottern, Carl

Zanittei, NAV

Hogan, Vance

Nesseth, Tom



A great time was had by all. Not only did we get LH02 all cleaned up, we had fun getting together once more.


Thanks to all for the effort.


LH02 Maintenance Coordinator

Jerry Lach




























Sally Hudson Photos