Executioners,                                                                                                    6AP14


I wanted to share with the VP-93 Alumni Association about our successful, April 5 Opening Day, LH02 Work Party. Under very cool (40 degrees) and windy, but dry weather 19 Enthusiastic volunteers got LH02 ready for the 2014 season. The following are accomplishments, Participants and some Photo’s I took.


Work Accomplishments were;


Cleaned the props and spinners.


Cleaned and Amour All’d the tires.


Vacuumed the inside of the aircraft and cleaned interior windows.


Pulled down the Tactical Station Plexiglas, cleaned the Plexiglas and all the station equipment.


Cleaned all the Flight Station Equipment and windows.


Cleaned the boarding ladder.


Updated LH02’s Missing Parts Inventory


Cleaned the Sono Package and Galley.


We added labels (in plain Language) to our new SSQ-57B Sonobouy display.


We also boxed up 37 of our Maintenance Pubs for transportation to the Library at the Naval Air Museum in Pensacola. They asked to copy our Pubs as they did not have them. It’s always good to ‘Make Nice’ with Pensacola.


Of note, we had a surprise participant at the Work Party. Charlie Doran showed up fresh from his heart surgery. It was great to see him and how well his recuperation is going.


Of course the high light of any work party (and after work party) is the lunch, with refreshments. This year’s lunch was ably coordinated by Cindy MacKool and Mo Wilkie. Of note, I can personally attest that Cindy’s German Potato Salad disappeared in a hurry.


Participants Were;


Belknap, Scott

Booker, Caryl

Booth, Bob

Campbell, Chip

Church, Bob

Doran, Charlie

Gorman, Jeff

Hotton, Randy

Hudson, Bob

Lach, Jerry

Lundgren, Frank

MacKool, Cindy

Perry, Jim & Laura

Pierce, Chuck (+3 Sons)

Ross, Bob (+Daughter)

Sinclair, Dan

Tait, Dave

VanSimaeys, Joe

Wilkie, Len



A great time was had by all. Not only did we get LH02 all cleaned up, we made some enhancements as well. Further more, and just as important, we had fun getting together once more. I’m sure the ‘old gal’ is proud of our effort.


Thanks to all for their effort. LH02 is now ready to receive all 2014visitors.


LH02 Maintenance Coordinator

Jerry Lach


The Jerry Lach Collection


The Sally Hudson Collection

The Dan Sinclair Collection