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LH02 Tour Hours Saturday & Sunday 1200 to 1630 Hours    
2021 P-3/LH02 Tour Host P-3/LH02 Tour Host 28JN21
Date Name  Name Remarks
Sat April 10 Jerry Lach Caryl Booker Opening Day
Sun April 11 Jerry Lach C Booker/F Lundgren  
Sat April 17 John Covert    
Sun April 18 John Covert    
Sat April 24 Jeff Gorman    
Sun April 25 Bill Mikla    
Sat May 1 Bob Booth Jim Lemerand  
Sun May 2 Gary Roberts Chuck Comstock  
Sat May 8 John Covert    
Sun May 9 John Covert   Mother's Day
Sat May 15 Jerry Lach   Armed Forces Day
Sun May 16 Jim Lemerand    
Sat May 22 Vince Potochnik    
Sun May 23 Jeff Gorman    
Sat May 29 Jerry Lach    
Sun May 30 Skipper Cambell    
Mon May 31 Closed Closed Memorial Day
Sat June 5 Chuck Comstock Gary Roberts  
Sun June 6 Skipper Hotton    
Sat June 12 John Covert    
Sun June 13 Jim Lemerand    
Sat June 19 Vince Potochnik    
Sun June 20 Jeff Gorman   Father's Day
Sat June 26 Vince Potochnik    
Sun June 27 Skipper Hotton    
Sat July 3 Caryl Booker    
Sun July4 Caryl Booker   Independence Day
Sat July 10 Vince Potochnik    
Sun July 11 Jeff Gorman    
Sat July 17 Caryl Booker    
Sun July 18 John Covert    
Sat July 24 Vince Potochnik    
Sun July 25 Chuck Comstock Gary Roberts  
Sat July 31      
Sun August 1 Skipper Hotton    
Sat August 7 Many Many Cindy Picnic + Golf
Sun August 8 Diane Kay    
Sat August 14 Vince Potochnik    
Sun August 15 Jeff Gorman    
Sat August 21      
Sun August 22 Bob Ross    
Sat August 28 Vince Potochnik    
Sun August 29 Skipper Hotton    
Sat September 4 Bob Ross    
Sun September 5 Bob Ross    
Sat September 11 Jerry Lach/Bob Park Tom Valdez CAC 6A
Sun September 12 Jerry Lach/Bob Park Tom Valdez CAC 6A
Sat September 18 Chuck Comstock    
Sun September 19 Bob Ross    
Sat September 25 Vince Potochnik    
Sun September 26 Bob Ross    
Sat October 2 Bob Ross    
Sun October 3 Bob Ross    
Sat October 9 Vince Potochnik    
Sun October 10 Jim Lemerand    
Sat October 16 Jim Lemerand    
Sun October 17 Chuck Comstock    
Sat October 23 Vince Potochnik    
Sun October 24 Bob Ross    
Sat October 30 Jim Lemerand    
Sun October 31 Jerry Lach Bob Ross Last Day/Halloween